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January 20: Three Word Map

This activity used what3words to generate three words based on my hometown. I then used images related to that place, including art based on history, informational signs, and common animals, to create a collage. I edited using PhotoPea.

January 21: Ceiling Selfie

For this daily create, I took a photo of the ceiling of where I was sitting, which happened to be my desk. Unfortunately, the ceiling was pretty boring.

January 22: Fibonacci Poem

This activity had us write a poem where the amount of words in each line corresponded to the Fibonacci sequence.

woke up
and got ready.
I went to the gym,
then had breakfast and watched a fun show.
now it is time to go to my first class, wish me luck!”

January 24: California Dreaming Poem

For this daily create, I watched several minutes of a California weather feed and wrote a poem inspired by it. I could not post the entire sonnett due to character restrictions on Mastodon, so here is the full thing:

“the moving clouds and all the flashing lights

are shining on an inky, blue-grey sky.

i wonder what its like on those such nights,

and know the vision one could never buy.

It’s pretty, but it’s hard to understand

unless you’re there, which i have never been.

one day i’ll travel to the far off land

and look upon the real sky with a grin.

it’s hard to see but i can tell it’s there,

even as i gaze upon a screen.

to judge from here cannot be fully fair,

but i imagine it’s like the sistene.

to tell is hard but I’ve written all this

faking a quite sincere sense of bliss.”

January 25: Internet Emergency Exit sign

This daily create asked us to make an emergency exit sign about the internet. I decided to make a warning for websites with possible viruses. Once again, it was fun to play around with photo editing even if the result wasn’t spectacular.

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