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City Things – Create A Place Assignment

Today I tried to create a city ambience using free sounds and Audacity. Sound editing is not something I have any practice or experience with which made this was a real challenge. I also love working while listening to music, which you can’t do when you are editing sounds, so that was frustrating.

I wanted this clip to feel like a calm day in a city or small square area. I hope you enjoy!

3 Comments on “City Things – Create A Place Assignment

  1. I love the theme you have for your website, and I also really love what you created with this audio. It feels like a nice spring day in the city, and I can imagine the breeze and the surrounding ambiance of people gathering and living their own lives.

    1. Thank you so much! When I made the audio it was very cloudy and weird outside and I was wishing for spring. I’m happy to hear that the idea came through.

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