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Creating Things – I make some robots do art for me

Today I experimented with two AI softwares to create art. This is based on the Demystifying AI article. The two softwares I used are Microsoft Bing and Craiyon. Before this, I hadn’t used AI for anything other than grammar (I am referring to Grammarly), so this was new to me. In general, I have been against AI art on principle, but I have to admit that playing around with it was fun.

Below is a table to compare my results. I would say that the Craiyon pop art style photo is the worst – I’m not sure what Craiyon thinks pop art is. I think Microsoft did better in general, but I appreciate both versions. I also find it interesting that the two Microsoft images with people are framed the same way.

ProgramNew York CityBroadway actor New York CityBroadway actor New York City pop art style
Microsoft Bing

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