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Sashay Away – My Final Project

This week I made my final project!

First, I want to explain why it is a little late. I was working on this all week, then lost the video halfway through making it. I remade it as quickly as I could, but editing takes a while and I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, which means it takes even longer. In any case, the video is done now!

Here are some of the tools I used to make this video:

  • I used the 4K Video Downloader to download all of the clips (and some of the audio) off of YouTube.
  • I recorded myself using an audio kit from the HCC.
  • I edited the video on iMovie.
  • I used Landing to make the thumbnail.
  • I used the Drag Race Simulator to make the main section of the video.

This video brought all of the skills I’ve developed throughout this semester. Here’s that breakdown:

  1. Video editing. I’ve always been interested in video editing but found it too tedious to enjoy. After the week where we had to make several videos, I was no longer afraid of it. I’m still a fan of my simple software, but have begun to master it, so maybe I will upgrade to the real stuff soon. I also heavily used 4k Video Downloader, a program that I learned how to use because of this class.
  2. Sound editing. This video used my voice, sound effects, music, and video clips. It wasn’t as much sound editing as we had to do in previous weeks, but definitely still involved it. I even browsed through a free sound website that I got to know a few weeks ago, even though they didn’t end up having what I needed.
  3. AI discussions. This video doesn’t use AI in any groundbreaking ways, which I think makes it especially interesting. Because of this class, I started to look at the softwares I was using in a new way. What actually counts as AI? And, off of that, is all AI harmful? This class got me thinking and made me recognize that AI can mean a lot of different things.
  4. Computer organization. After weeks of organizing different clips, images, audio files, and more, I developed a pretty good system that made this video much easier. I did make one mistake that caused some big problems, but that issue had less to do with me and more to do with my computer. Long story short, practice makes perfect. This is especially true for the editing process. I tried a few things over the various videos we had to make and now I know what works for me. I haven’t edited a lot so I’m still not very good, but I am significantly better than I was at the start of this semester.

All things considered, I am very proud of this video. I wanted to look at AI in a unique way and try not to get too serious about everything. AI includes a lot of different programs. While AI is an issue, I think people have a tendency to overreact. 

AI may be able to replicate some human thought patterns, but it cannot, and probably never will, be able to predict human spontaneity. One of the fun things about humans is we don’t think in exact patterns. AI can create something technically perfect, but that isn’t what humans do. I have concerns about how people chose to use AI, but I don’t think AI will ever be able to replace humans because there is no way to code thought processes that humans themselves don’t understand.

I hope you all enjoy the video.

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