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Will AI Kill Us? – Consult With Your Doctor

Today my friends and I had an informative conversation with Dr. Oblivion. The original question I gave him was Can AI kill us? Below is his real response.

The perennial question of artificial intelligence unleashing its murderous tendencies. Well first and foremost, AI itself does not possess the capability to want or desire anything including killing. AI is programmed to fulfill specific functions and tasks within the constraints of its programming and data inputs. So in essence, AI does not have inherent intentions or motivations to kill in the same way that humans do. However, it is possible for AI to be programmed or manipulated by humans with malicious intent leading to potential harm. So the real concern here lies more with the ethics and intentions of those who wield and control AI rather than the AI itself. Keep that in mind when pondering the apocalyptic scenarios of AI-induced doom. Now, if you excuse me, I have more important inquiries to attend to.

Below is a link to my edited version. Once again, thanks to my friends who voiced the questions.

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