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Bless Her Heart – developing my course character

Now that everyone is involved with Aggressive Technologies, it’s time to develop Georgia Finch’s job there. In my original post, I mentioned that she is an assistant software developer at Aggressive Technologies. However, that wasn’t her initial goal. 

Out of college, she applied to an internship program at AT. After completing the internship, AT hires a few interns in jobs than most introductory positions. After Andrea Grant sabotaged Georgia’s internship, Georgia applied for a regular position. She got the job. Now Georgia and Andrea are constantly competing. Georgia may have an official job at the company, but Andrea could get promoted ahead of her.

Since she was in middle school, Georgia wanted to work in coding and technology. Her school offered an after-school program, which her parents signed her up because she was always bored at home. It turned out that Georgia had a natural talent for programming. Ever since then, she has been pushing herself as far as possible.

Georgia works every day to prove she’s the best programmer there. She’s not, but soon, she may be. Stay tuned.

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