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Developing Aggression – Radio Show Progress

This week my group worked on developing our show, Aggressive Testimonials. The involved characters are Georgia Finch (me), Andrea Grant, and Düşünür. The original pitch was, “A tell-all about this company’s intrusive tech, feauturing 2 “neutral” employees.” The idea came from the fact that Andrea and Georgia both work at and agree with Aggressive Technologies. When Düşünür was added, this idea changed slightly. Düşünür is a writer who Aggressive Technologies has been trying to hire. He does not like the company, which changes the tone of the radio show significantly from what we had originally planned.

The current thought is that Aggressive Testimonials will still be a “tell-all,” now hosted by Düşünür who is trying to get Andrea and Georgia to slip up and say something bad about Aggressive Technologies. I think this idea has the potential to be very funny and I am excited to see where we go next.

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