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What Are You Listening To? – Very Underdeveloped Radio Ideas

Below are some ideas for radio shows. They aren’t fully developed yet but could be fun!

  1. Tea in a Tree. This is a very normal talk show except the hosts sit in a new tree each week.
  2. Local Landscape. A review of nearby events and places so people know what is going on. This is inspired by my struggle to find things to do in Fredericksburg. (I know things must be happening, but I’m having trouble finding them.)
  3. Second Page. A news show that highlights current stories that aren’t as popular or aren’t getting much coverage, especially from around the world.

I’ll continue to add to this list as I come up with ideas. Tea in a Tree is my favorite because it is the silliest. I love climbing trees. If you need a fun activity find a tree and climb it. Sometimes you just need to climb a tree.

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