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Back From Spring Break and Back to Work – Weekly Summary

Welcome back from Spring Break! This week we didn’t have a ton to do, since this week mostly revolved around creating groups for the radio project. I am part of Aggressive Testimonials with Feli and Alton Murray. Aggressive Testimonials is a tell-all show about Aggressive Technology featuring two “neutral” employees.

Other than that, below is a summary of this week’s posts.

  1. I did three daily creates.
  2. I created an AI pitch about BeforeSunset, an AI tool.

Creating the AI pitch was a considerable process. First, I looked through this list of AI tools. I chose BeforeSunset because I wanted a program that didn’t generate text or images since I’d already worked with those before. I tested out BeforeSunset. In all honesty, it didn’t go super well for me and I am not planning on using it more. The program had several issues and I think it is easier for me to just organize everything my way, no robots needed.

Nonetheless, I wrote up a proposal. I then put it into Grammerly and did two rounds of AI editing, with the prompts “make it persuasive” and “make it professional.” I combined the results to create the final pitch.

Overall, this week didn’t have a ton of stuff but I worked effectively and I learned about a new program, even if I’m not planning on using it.

One comment on “Back From Spring Break and Back to Work – Weekly Summary

  1. I like the way you detail your use of AI tools in making your AI pitch. And it is also very worthwhile to note which tools aren’t very good.

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