ds106 - Weekly Summary

Guess Who’s Back? – Weekly Summary

Alright, I’m here. This week I worked on my final project. I had several ideas, one of which I decided to start actually working on. 

Part 1: Brainstorming

First, I brainstormed from the prompts we got. The possible projects are a response to AT’s legal team, a wrap-up of our class characters, or a general analysis of the pros and cons of AI. I had a lot of thoughts, but there was one that I felt would be the most fun.

Part 2: The Idea

A few days ago in my English class, a friend and I put characters from some of our readings into a Drag Race simulator. I am a huge Drag Race fan and have been keeping up with season 16. The finale is this week (the day I am posting this, actually). 

With AI and Drag Race bouncing around in my head, it was only a matter of time before they collided. The Drag Race Simulator is not a super high-level AI, but the simulator does let you put in stats for each queen so presumably there is some analysis. I think it could be really fun to “test” AI in this type of silly way and would let me talk about AI’s merits without the video feeling too heavy.

Part 3: The Plan

My current plan for the video to put the season 16 queens into the simulator, give them as accurate stats as possible, and see how close the program’s prediction is to the actual season. I already filmed the main simulator section and, without spoiling anything, it certainly made some choices. I am still working on the main script and trying to figure out where some actual analysis of AI should go.

I am very excited to see what this project becomes. It is definitely a loose interpretation of the “AI analysis” assignment but I think still works.

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