ds106 - Weekly Summary

Something In The Wind – This Week’s Work Amidst Confusing Weather

This week, my main challenge was keeping up with everything we were supposed to do. Organization has always been a weak spot for me, so I created a little to-do list and started checking things off. Every day brought new weather and a new challenge!

First, I did the character assignment. I’ve always loved making characters, so this was a lot of fun for me. One of my friends is also taking this class, so we worked together to make characters with a shared backstory. I even made our characters in the Sims 4 (I played a lot of Sims this week). You can find that post here.

Next, the daily creates. This was typically the first thing I did when I woke up each day. It was a good way to start my morning, even if some of it wasn’t my greatest work.

The three assignments took up the most amount of time. After looking through tons of possible assignments, I chose a photo editing assignment, a writing assignment, and one gif assignment. The writing assignment was probably my favorite as it garnered the funniest results.

I also read The Techno-Optimist Manifesto. It was definitely a new read for me, as I’ve never read a manifesto or such a specific opinion on technology. My review can be found here.

I think this week went very well. I feel good about my work and I have gotten more comfortable with WordPress.

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