ds106 - Weekly Summary

Noise, Noise, Noise – Week 4 Summary

This week was all about sound. As someone who has never edited audio before this was a challenge akin to climbing Mt. Everest, but I managed to figure it out! While my work is by no means astounding, I am very proud of what I did.

To get me into the sound mood, I listened to Moon Graffiti by Jonathan Mitchell. It was really interesting and got me more excited about experimenting with sound. My full review is here.

First, I downloaded Audacity. That is the platform where I edited all of my assignments. The first assignment I did was arguably the hardest: the radio bumper. I was very ambitious when I started this and ended up having to swallow my pride and aim a bit lower. My bumper is here.

Next I did the Create A Place assignment. This was less stressful and allowed me to think about what I actually heard every day and what would make a landscape feel full and real. The sound is here.

Then, with the assistance of my friends, I did the story and conversation assignments. My friends helped with sound effects for the story assignment, as I could not get some specific clips. We had a lot of fun. They also helped by asking the questions for my edited conversation with Dr. Oblivion.

I then tried to create some radio show ideas. The ideas were alright but need a little more work.

I also watched two videos on radio. They were very informative. I haven’t listened to a lot of radio so had not thought much about how it differed from other medias. My thoughts are here.

Overall this week tested my limits and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was very stressed while working but enjoyed it when I started working with other people.

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