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Professional Gaming: Stories Through Games Assignment

For this video I did the Stories Through Games assignment. I played as my course character for about a week of Sims time. This was the most difficult video to make. I already had the sim and her house created, but needed to get a good recording of the gameplay. After a little research, I downloaded OBS. This was incredibly difficult. I think it is an actual software that professionals use, meaning it is not super user friendly and not Sydney friendly. I eventually got it to work, but it took a long time. I’m proud of myself for sticking it out, though.

The editing for this video was also complicated. I recorded a little over 30 minutes and the final video is closer to 10 minutes, so there was a lot that I cut out. I also had to rearrange some clips. Again, it was very frustrating and time consuming but I did it and I think the product is not bad.

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