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The New Girl In Town – Meet My Course Character

Today I am formally introducing my course character, Georgia Finch, to the world.

Georgia was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 12, 2000. Georgia recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia with a degree in computer science. She now works at Aggressive Technologies as an assistant software developer.

Georgia sees no flaws in herself and she doesn’t want to give other people the chance to find any. She has almost always been the smartest person in the room but struggles because she is not personable. She never quite fits in with professionals. Georgia’s goal is to prove to others that she is as intelligent as she thinks she is.

She is also mortal enemies with Andrea Grant who you can read more about here.

3 Comments on “The New Girl In Town – Meet My Course Character

  1. I am immediately intrigued, and I want a closer look into what this company Aggressive Technologies is all about, a love it when a good story starts to take shape, and the immediate rivalry and intrigue, sign me up.

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