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Let’s Continue This Thing – Revisiting My Goals

I’ve been feeling good in this class, so going back to look at my goals was comforting. Unfortunately, my goals at the beginning of the semester were not very measurable. Here is what I originally said:

My goal in this class is to become semi-acceptable at using the internet. I’ve always been passable with everyday tech but lost with anything more difficult than the Google Suite. I know technology will be important to the future and it’s high time I get on the bandwagon. I want to learn how to operate this website, understand how the internet works in conjunction with everyday life, and how I can make the internet work for me.

Outside of technology, I hope to improve my reflection skills. I have trouble being honest about myself and my own work. I will be constantly evaluating myself and writing about my process and experiences.

I think I have succeeded at being good at the internet – there’s still room for improvement, but then, when is there not? Mostly, the issue I see with this is in my reflections. I’ve been pretty honest but not very constructive with myself and did not analyze my work as much as I should have. My reflections have been a lot of emotions – I enjoyed this, I was stressed at that, this thing confused me, and so on. I have not been looking and evaluating my process.

Going forward, I will focus on improving my reflections and the quality of those blog posts.

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  1. i think it’s perfectly okay to have emotions in your reflections! emotions drive us to work and can also break down our workflow completely, there is soooo much power in emotions (don’t let me go on a rant about them I’m a psych major). everything I’ve seen from you has been really thoughtful, though!! one thing that helps me in my reflections is I end up (usually unintentionally) being critical of myself. i look at what I liked and disliked about what I did and I look at what held me back. but really, a reflection is different for everyone! sometimes there is more to reflect and sometimes there isn’t, so don’t beat yourself over it!! be emotional!!! it’s okay!!!

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