ds106 - Weekly Summary

Movies Are My Passion – Weekly Summary

This week had less assignments but a lot of work. I love movies and I am very enthusiastic about movies, so was excited to see that this week was all about movies.

I did two daily creates. I tried to use some photoshop skills, even if the results were very silly.

I revisited my goals from the beginning of the semester. This made me realize I needed to be more thorough with my reflections.

I read articles and watched videos about film analysis. These gave me a good idea of what to look at during the next assignment.

The biggest hurdle was the video essay, which I made about Ex Machina. My methods were not the most effective, but I have a product that I am very proud of. I had two posts about this, which are the actual video and a reflection

Overall I put a lot of effort into this week’s assignments and I think it paid off. Next week I am going to keep pushing myself.

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