Daily Creates - ds106

Being So Creative – Daily Create

This week I did three daily creates. 2/3 of them were not photo editing prompts which I found interesting since most of the previous daily creates have been photos.

1. C D Hobbit

The hobbit walks around and faces the witch.
“My name is Charles,” he says. “Your name starts with D.”
They stare at each other. Both of them recognize each other but do not know how.
She drops her cigarette into a nearby ashtray and pulls out another one. “Let’s talk.”

2. Endangered Poetry

A right to be heard

A right to be heard
Not censored of word
A voice that is true
Not a momentary view
A word that is said
It remains in our heads
Of value that’s true
In both me and you
It signals the start
From deep in our hearts
A sentence recalls
From the big to the small
It flows like a stream …
“I have a dream…”

3. Bicycle

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