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I need more than 1000 Words to Write 300 – Up-Goer Five Your Writing

I chose to do the Up-Goer Five Your Writing challenge, where you rewrite a piece of writing using only the 1000 most common words. The website I used can be found here. I decided to write a brief recap of the most recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It was very difficult and the result is borderline incomprehensible, but enjoy!

My original review of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 Episode 3: Mother of All Balls

RuPaul’s Drag Race is three episodes in and it is absolutely back. As a quick recap, the first two episodes introduced us to two sets of seven queens. They had to perform a talent show, with the winner getting immunity that they can use at any time in the show, either for themself or others. No queens were eliminated. The intro episodes also brought the addition of something called Rate-A-Queen, where after the main challenge the girls rate each other. In the first episodes, this created the top two who lip-synched for the win.

Episode three started with the girls meeting. The next day, RuPaul announced that the main challenge for the week was a ball. For those who do not know, in a “ball” challenge the queens have to come up with three looks, one sewn from scratch that day, based on given themes. The overarching theme for this ball was mother, with the individual themes being Mother Goose, a look based on a children’s tale, Significant Mother, a look inspired by a famous mother, and Call Me Mother, a handmade feminine look using only secondhand menswear.

Then, the runway. With 14 queens each presenting three looks, the runway took forever. As to not waste time, I will not delve into my personal thoughts about each look. Long story short, Nymphia Wind won and Geneva sent Hershii home. Next week will be an acting challenge, which promises to be very fun and dramatic.

The Five Your Writing version:

The Drag Race show has started. During both of the last two weeks, seven girls joined. They did a fun show, with the best getting a present that can keep them safe at any later time. No girls went home. These weeks also added the girls deciding who is the best and worst, which has not been seen before. In the first weeks, the best two girls fought each other to be the best.

The third week began with the girls meeting. The next day, the head woman said that the new game was a “ball.” A “ball” is when the girls come up with three looks. One is made by them that day. The big idea was “mother.” The first look was made about a story for children. The second was about a known mother. The third was made by them and they had to use clothes made for men.

They then showed their looks. With 14 girls each having three looks, the show took a long time. To not spend too much time explaining, I will not share my own thoughts. Ms Wind was the best. Two other girls fought and one went home. Next week will be an acting situation, which promises to be very fun and exciting.

One comment on “I need more than 1000 Words to Write 300 – Up-Goer Five Your Writing

  1. I can’t imagine how much time this took it’s insane how limiting those 1000 words ended up being. I loved how you could still understand what you meant to say but it sounds so goofy like “the best two girls fought each other to be the best.” Also, we need to hear your take on the rest of the episode!

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